About Us

GÜRER KUTU started ithe business as an importer company in 1991. By serving only to jewelers, the company spreaded its customer network all over Turkey in a short time. With regular customer visits, he placed the packaging trend in the jewelery industry and continued its marketing services.

As a result of its responsibility to the Turkey’s economy, the company started production using 99% domestic raw materials. The manufacturing range, which started with the jewelery sector, has expanded, and it has become a producer by offering the most practical solutions about packaging boxes to every sector in need.

Production is carried out in Avcılar/İstanbul facilities. Production facilities include solutions suitable for the type of packaging required by all kinds of sectors. The products are not limited to the models that

Gürer Kutu offers to you. 

What we can do is limited only by YOUR IMAGINATION.

Our boxes are produced as CUSTOM designs only for YOU.

YOU SET THE LIMIT in design and models…